This site is created to provide a historical overview of the Luger Furniture Company, a business founded, owned, managed and operated by members of the Luger family, from which I am descended.  While the company has long since closed its doors, their legacy lives on through its furniture, which remains highly sought after.

Historical synopsis:  The Luger Furniture Company was a mainstay in hand-crafted wood furniture from its beginnings in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1854.  The business spent more than two decades in Wabasha, Minnesota, before putting down permanent roots in North St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1887, where they constructed an impressive new factory complex.  Throughout the years that followed, the Luger Furniture Company and spin-off St. Paul Table Company and Luger Cabinet Company would be the largest employers in the City and surrounding area, generating substantial commerce for the community.  In the 1950s, planning was underway to move the factory to Eupora, Misssissippi, in an effort to take advantage of lower wages and readily available resources.  In the midst of the transition efforts, however, a combination of factors doomed the the relocation attempt and the company was unable to recover.  The business dynasty that helped drive North St. Paul's growth and development for nearly seventy years closed its doors for good.

One question I am asked most often is, "I have such and such piece of Luger-made furniture--what's it worth?"  I am neither an appraiser nor a dealer, so a question like that is best suited for a professional in that regard.  I have found however that because of the skilled craftmanship and fine wood products employed, Luger furniture is remarkably durable.  If the piece and finish is in good condition, it retains an intrinsic value not because of its name but because of its age, style and craftmanship.  I am also asked if certain pieces can be purchased from the old catalogs.  No, the catalogs serve only as a reference, although judging from the number of inquiries, it would seem there is a strong market for such timeless furniture.

On this website you'll find a rather extensive history of the company and its subsidiaries, biographical sketches of the prominent family members, a collection of photographs of Luger furniture pieces, snapshots from various furniture catalogs as well as a narrative history of Lugerville, Wisconsin, which started out as a tract of land purchased by the Lugers for its extensive stands of trees, upon which a thriving sawmill was constructed.

If you have general questions about the company or the Luger family or would like to send in photos of your own examples of Luger furniture, please feel free to contact me.